Were we here before (The Civilization before our Civilization)

I came across an interesting blog not to long ago: http://aphilosopher.wordpress.com/2008/02/25/pre-human-civilizations/ and felt compelled to think about this.  You may want to read this first…

I too saw that History Channel show (Great Network), and noticed something. The show said that our last great structure would have fallen in about 10,000 years, they showed the Hoover Dam as an example.  I agree with you that civilization probably has existed before, but I stick to my guns and I believe that it was a human civilization that existed before that, catch this, more advanced than ours.

 Think about this a moment, we have war, plagues, and stupidity is prolific within our world…look down the street if need be, or in my case my friends. If all technology was lost in an instant thru war or disease or whatever, how many of these people that we all know could reproduce the technology we’ve come accustom to, much less repair or replace…I’d say none.  Most the people I know are NASCAR, firecraker’n, blowing things up kinds of folk…they’re lucky to know how to screw in a light-bulb much less figuring out how it works!  They’d have their guns in the end and burn those books for heat vs. reading them for knowledge. Think about it, if such a disaster happened, much if not all of our modern knowledge and conveniences would go away very quickly.

Also, look at our civilization today, we’re just beginning to recognize how important protecting the environment is and biodegradable items are replacing pollutants…where will we be with this in a hundred years.

Another recent show on the history channel talked about the idea that the earth had an advanced human civilization here before…good show but needs more elaboration.  For example the advent and design similarity of pyramids in North America and Egypt and also in question in Asia, yes those that are under the sea in Japan seem to be linked. Or, the fact that batteries have been found in Egypt and in Baghdad which are over 2200 years old—or even older.  How did they build all those passageways within the pyramids, yet no ash was ever detected on the ceilings, plus many have no air circulation…a flame needs air.  Some scientists believe they had some sort of elimination other than fire. Ancient Airplanes date back 7000 years ago and are recorded within Vimana Aircraft of India , (no disbelievers, everything can’t be mythical). Things we don’t understand or don’t want to believe can’t be simply myth ALL THE TIME. What about Troy…you talked about it within this article, at the time the “know-it-alls” said it was a myth…sort of like the ones today who once said these prehistoric fish where dead too: (Shark, Fish,  Armored fish, or coelacanth) If we step back a moment and look at the world from the 50,000 foot level and think about how short our modern life has been and how short it took to build it, it is more than plausible that we’ve been here before.  As mentioned above there are many references of flying machines found in many civilizations all over the world, but also we have landing strips, like Nazca Lines in Peru which is very old. What about roads…we have the Bimini Road. What about ancient sea travel…the New York Times published those humans traveled over the Ancient Seas and it happened over 100,000 years ago. Think about that, they found rock as spears, we only started using bronze and/then steel over a few thousand/hundred years ago, this find mentioned in the New York Times again is over 100,000 years ago…steel, iron, etc, could have withered away in a fraction of that time when everything is relative?

And the last crazy thing is Tiwanaku, this civilization dates back over 17,000 years ago and was built using huge stones, carved with such precision and from the second hardest stone known to man behind diamonds. To this date we can’t even duplicate the same precision using our current technology.  Now, why would an alien make such a civilization? In order to believe aliens built it, we’d have to assume they’re able to live on our planet, they’re not prone to our diseases, they’re able to live within our climate, etc, etc, etc.  Ya, maybe aliens helped, maybe there was an alien outpost and we reverse engineered some knowledge, but I don’t think so…I bet this is human all the way?  We as humans, or more importantly, modern humans have to get past our own “god” complex and stop being so arrogant. When we do this, we realize that we’re not that important in relative to time, space, nature and everything else.  We than might not have been the first to invent or think advancements, or to modern civilize ourselves, and then maybe we’d realize that we could have been a repeat, or three-peat™.  Western civilization likes to take credit for inventions that were previously invented in the Far East or ancient Middle East. History shows us each day, things we thought we invented or thought of, someone else or some very old culture could have or did think of it first. (Plumbing, batteries, lights, calendars, etc)

With things like: Easter Island,  Mesopotamia (civilizations), Sumerian language,  or even the infamous copper coin of Illinois found by the Geological Survey dating over 200,000 years old, plus more things including the recently found hunting artifacts, newly discovered ancient Indian cities, ancient cities found under Greenland’s ice, Vikings and Roman artifacts found in the America’s; on top of other olds cities in the North and South America’s makes one think? Compound these discoveries with the stories and pictorials of ancient astronauts and airplanes and other items in scrolls, on walls and in folklore…can’t all be dreams and myths.  With all of our knowledge and with the facts we find all around us and that we found all over the world…this just can’t all be attributed to dreams and misconceptions.

Also, human’s miss-guiding each other which also plays into our disbeliefs.  Egypt for example would never let it be known that the Sphinx is much older than they’ll tell you.  It would mean the end of them claiming to be the first civilization? In college I had a professor who showed the class the water erosion on the Sphinx, he was there and studied it, but the desert doesn’t have rain…yes its true, the new belief is that the Sphinx is older than 10,000 years old and was build when the rain forest was there….odd, what else is about 10,000 plus years old on the other side of the continent?   Guessing!!!!

Do we believe in the Maya civilization and their calendar or the Hopi Indians prophecies, Galactic Alignment, Edgar Cayce, crustal displacement, and all the other 2012 end of world conspiracies…could it happen, maybe? Do I know for certain, no…if I could predict things that good, I’d play the lottery.

All in all, I don’t really know the future, but Einstein did prove is plausible to travel within it, but what I do know and what I agree with you is, there could have been past intelligent civilizations…but I think they were us! Look at our current civilization, the Industrial Revolution is only about 150 years old, and we’ve only been flying since the early 1900’s, and only went into space 50 years ago.  Think about that?

If humans have been around for several million years(evolution included), and I think we all buy that to be true–accept for the bible folks; and if we really look at the clues than an intelligent civilization very likely could have been around tens of thousands of years before us? We could most definitely also have traveled the world within this advanced civilization (planes, boats, space).  No, they wouldn’t be exactly like us where we exploit oil for plastic and rubber and other items for selfish reasons… but even rubber rots away after a hundred years…we’re talking about tens of thousands?  If this civilization did exist like I ponder? Then died off from whatever, had to deal with ice ages and other climate hardships, war and everything else their history would have been lost. Or did it, maybe it would be buried deep within the ground, no not like fossils because they take 100 millions of years to make and become rock, but in dirt 100’s of feet below us….sort of like that old Chevy truck we see parked in fields or on Bubba’s lawn, even after a short few years, it starts to sink.  Look at Little Rock Arkansas, there are companies who work to lift back up building which are slowly sinking…I’ve seen it up close.  We may walk on the ground, and it seems very hard, but over time it’s like quick sand in slow motion?

We keep thinking aliens came to visit us…could be, I’m not saying they didn’t…but as we saw with the Chernobyl disaster, which happened in 1986, this city is falling apart already and it will not take much time before it’s all gone.  Cement, plastic toys, etc are disappearing and that’s only been less than a ¼ century?  What will it look like in two hundred years? Makes me think…it’s plausible I’m correct. If we’ve only be civilized for a “Spec” of time relative to the span of time that humans have been here…we’ve been here before.

 More importantly, if the Hopi are right, our ancestors will be having this same discussion about us in 25,000 years…did we exist?

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